15 February 2024

South Pacific Pictures (SPP) Launches Refreshed Brand

New Zealand’s largest production company, South Pacific Pictures (SPP) rebrands; sets a confident course for future in an ever-evolving industry. 

In its 35th year, New Zealand’s largest production company, South Pacific Pictures (SPP) has rebranded. A new logo and tagline has been revealed marking a significant milestone for the iconic company as it boldly navigates the future in the ever-evolving industry.

With an international reputation for producing world-class television and film, SPP has delivered more than 6000 hours of programming to date and has ambitious goals for the future. Under the leadership of CEO, Kelly Martin and Managing Director, Andrew Szusterman, the rebrand signals confidence and a commitment to innovation as the company realizes opportunities ahead.

Gone is the "starfish" logo that has been synonymous with the production house for decades. In its place, the company introduces a sleek and modern typographic logo, focusing on the abbreviation "SPP" - a nod to the affectionate moniker by which the industry refers to the organization. 

Alongside the new visual identity, SPP bids farewell to its tagline, "Turning Dreams to Drama," and welcomes “More to See” acknowledging the expanded depth of its content offerings today.

Martin says it was time for a refresh, “Whilst SPP is a stalwart of industry, we also boldly embrace change and opportunity.  High quality drama like Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune and The Brokenwood Mysteries are proud pillars of the heritage of SPP - and continue to be, as the success of Far North demonstrated this year.  However, over the past couple of years we have also had great success with reality, documentary and even live events. Our new brand reflects our ambitious and multifaceted approach moving forward”.

This includes innovative initiatives like releasing classic episodes of Shortland Street on YouTube globally, and being increasingly open to collaborations with new and upcoming talent.  Andrew Szusterman sees great opportunity here saying "The rebranding of SPP is not just a cosmetic change; it symbolizes our readiness to embrace the challenges and opportunities of an ever-evolving industry. We’ve introduced new formats like Dog House and Snackmasters, and the global sensation The Traitors.

Behind the high quality programming produced, importantly, sits the people involved. Thousands of people are involved in the output of SPP - and those people, whether writers, cast, crew, head office - are front of mind.  Martin points out, the refresh is designed to inspire and celebrate those people - importantly. “It is as much a stake in the ground for ourselves and our collaborators as it is for external parties.  We’re celebrating where we have been and intentionally signaling a future focus. The new brand sets a confident course for the future. It’s an exciting time for us”