Outrageous Fortune

Outrageous Fortune

  • 60 Mins
  • Drama
  • TV Series

A crime-laced comedy drama series that follows the Wests- a family of career criminals as they attempt to clean up their act and live life in West Auckland on the straight and narrow.

108 x 1 hours available. 

Over six seasons between 2005-2010, Outrageous Fortune established itself as New Zealand's most successful television drama series.  A consistent ratings winner, the show achieved cult status and critical acclaim at home and abroad and to date has won over 50 awards.

Back in season one, the Wests were a one-family crime wave with a proud tradition in thievery, larceny and petty crime.  When patriarch Wolfgang West is sentenced to four years in jail, his wife Cheryl decides enough is enough; the family are cleaning up their act and going straight.  Can the Wests live up to Cheryl's resolve and stay out of crime?  It's not easy to be a saint when you have the DNA of a sinner.

7 S2E3 OF2-ep3a (Frank Whitten as Grandpa)


James Griffin, Rachel Lang, Maxine Fleming, Jan Prettejohns, Tim Balme, Nick Ward, Michael Bennett, Gavin Strawhan, Kate McDermott, Fiona Samuel


Vanessa Alexander, Mark Beesley, Jonathan Brough, Michael Bennett, Simon Bennett, Riena Webster-Iti, Murray Keane, Britta Johnstone, Peter Burger, Peter Salmon, Richard Barr


Mike Smith, John Laing

Executive Producers

John Barnett, Simon Bennett, Rachel Lang, James Griffin, Simon Bennett, Chris Bailey

Award 1

2005 Qantas Television Awards: Best Drama; Best Director (Mark Beesley); Best Actress (Robin Malcolm); Best Actor (Antony Starr); Best Script (Rachel Lang); Best Editing (Nicola Smith)

Award 2

2006 Air New Zealand Screen Awards: Sony Best Drama Series: Best Drama Programme (Season 1 Episode 4)

Award 3

2007 Qantas Television Awards: Best Drama (Christmas Special), Best Actress in a TV Drama (Robin Malcolm); Best Script (James Griffin), Best Editing (Bryan Shaw)

Award 4

2007 Air New Zealand Screen Awards: Best Drama, Performance by an Actress (Robyn Malcolm); Performance by an Actor (Antony Starr), Drama Script (James Griffin); Performance by a Supporting Actor (Frank Whitten); Achievement in Directing a Drama/Comedy Programme (Simon Bennett)

Award 5

Finalist Certificate: 2007 New York Festival Television Programming: Best Editing (Drama)

Award 6

2008 Qantas Film and Television Awards: Images and Sound Best Drama Programme; Performance by an Actress in General Television (Robyn Malcolm); Performance by an Actor in General Television (Antony Starr); Performance by a Supporting Actress in General Televison (Antonia Prebble); Best Script- Drama/Comedy Programme (Rachel Lang); Sony Achievement in Directing - Drama/Comedy Programme (Mark Beesley)

Award 7

2007 Asian TV Awards: Best Drama performance by an Actor (Antony Starr)

Award 8

2007 Qantas Television Awards: Best Actor in a TV Drama (Antony Starr)

Award 9

2009 Qantas Film & Television Awards: Atomic Coffee Roasters: Best Script- Drama Comedy Programme James Griffin/Rachel Lang

Award 10

2010 Qantas Film and Television Awards: Images & Sound Best Drama Programme; Best Script- Drama/Comedy Programme (James Griffin)

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