The Almighty Johnson

The Almighty Johnson

  • 60 Mins
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • TV Series

A popular fantasy comedy drama series revolving around four brothers who have inherited the power of Norse Gods and their quest to find an elusive Goddess hiding in human form.

36 x 1 hours available.

The Almighty Johnsons is a comedy drama series about four New Zealand brothers who just happen to be Norse Gods.

They even have their own super-God-powers. Sort of ? it’s just that their powers aren't actually all that powerful. Well, not yet - but that could all change soon.

Series 1 sees the Johnson brothers on a quest to find Frigg and fulfil the ancient prophesy so that they might get their full God powers?

In Series 2, the youngest brother Axl, found himself on a more personal quest - to become Odin, he must first become Odin, framing the second series as a coming of age story.

In Series 3, the Johnsons continue work on resolving the pesky Quest of matching up Odin with his Frigg before the whole family crashes and burns, but they also set about reclaiming their lives in the 'real' world.  For a while, a heartbroken Axl rejects the whole notion of the Quest, choosing instead to party and live the life of a typical 23-year-old bloke.  He'll spend some time in New Zealand's heartland, where he meets a good kiwi girl. But is she really the 'normal' girl he desires?


James Griffin, Rachel Lang, Maxine Fleming, Tim Balme, Ross Hastings, Fiona Samuel, Tiffany Zehnal, Natalie Medlock, Nick Ward, Michael Bennett.


Mark Beesley, Murray Keane, Simon Bennett, Charlie Haskell, Geoffrey Cawthorn, Mike Smith, Michael Hurst


Simon Bennett, Mark Beesley

Executive Producers

James Griffin, Chris Bailey, Kelly Martin, John Barnett, Kelly Martin, Rachel Lang

Award 1

2012 New York Festivals Finalist Certificate for Best Writing

Award 2

2014 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Dramatic Presentation (Season 3)

Award 3

Script Writer Awards NZ 2012 (SWANZ): Best Television Episode (Drama Script). Series 2 Episode 5 by James Griffin

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